Version Fille - Ultra moe RPG!


The ultra moe RPG with lots of super cute girls!


~ Version Fille in french is complete and ready to play right away! ~
~ Check it out on the french website by clicking here! ~

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Version Fille is now complete! Enjoy and share!


Come on! We are good!

Are you looking for old school RPG with lots of cute, beautiful, funny, intelligent girls, MOE ? Then Version Fille is made for you! Follow the adventures of four young and beautiful adventurers, open-minded, sexy, tolerant, kind, PERFECT and explore a safe and salt-free world where your life is managed by a stats system that protects you from all harm.


Nothing scares them, they have everything for them and yet they always try to go further:

Daheja, great master swordsman, daring genius and full of wisdom.
Pétronille, professional gunner, divine personification of kindness.
Rouge, exceptional fighter, voice of justice and protector of the weak.
Shironya, doe.


Make friends with normal humans! Talk to animals! Become close to the boxes! Explore the lamppost policy! Teach kindness to trees! Do a showdown with rocks! Explore the sewers! Sell ​​ham confectionery! Stay in the rain! Dance with old people! Fall in love!


But also lots of other things like destroying an entire village! Push innocent people into the void! Ignore the weak! Abuse kind children! Devouring intelligent beings alive! Insult teachers from foreign countries! Practice SM with an old bachelor! Borrow and repay with your feelings!


And save the world, but it's less funny...


This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.
Seriously, don't let your kids play this game.

~ Credits ~

A game made avec RPG Maker VX by Daheji !

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